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Madalena João

Madalena João was born on July 1st, 1983 in Brno (Czech Republic). When she was 3 years old, during the year 1986, she, along with her family, moved to Angola, which is her father’s native country. In the Czech Republic her father attended Comprehensive School, after which he graduated at Veterinary Faculty in Brno. Her mother attended Brno University of Technology. Madalena comes from a musical family. Her father pursued music in Angola, specifically in Kibala (from which his parents come from). His parents grew up in monastery, where he sang. Her mother was also part of a choir and had piano lessons for 12 years. Piano wasn’t absent in any family. While in Angola, Madalena shortly pursued kid’s modeling and dance as well as she was a competitive gymnast. She studied Primary School partially in Angola, where she became fluent in Portugese. As same as her brother Daniel João (Pluto), who was also a competitive gymnast. They both performed in front of cameras. In 1995 the whole family returned to the Czech Republic, their mother’s native country. From 7th grade, Madalena commenced her studies at Primary School in Brno, Czech Republic.


Meanwhile she tried ballet, playing on a flute, aerobic, playing on a piano, rock-n-roll dance, but mostly she attended Musical School with specializing in singing. She took part of various small recitals within the Musical School. She graduated from School of Nursing – in the field of General Nurse.


In the 2000 she auditioned for TV show “Rozjezdy pro hvezdy” (similar to the American Idol), which she won twice and that granted her to move to the finals. In the finals, she ended in the second place.


In the year 2001, Madalena recorded her first album with Sony Music called “My” (We), in collaboration with rapper Patrick. At the same time she made a music video for the song My, which was broadcasted in show called Eso. From now on Madalena performed in clubs and during various social events. She also performed hits from well known singers such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carrey, as well as she performed in various tv shows.